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"Berry Manufacturing believes in a unique and customized Business experience for each and every client."

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Each client has unique needs.  We have made it our business to focus on those needs and surpass all expectations of quality, reliability, and customer service.


Berry Manufacturing is a family owned and operated business founded in 1987.  We specialize in custom CNC and manual machining and welding solutions. 

Berry Manufacturing continues to provide exceptional products to meet any industry standard. Berry MFG has an excellent performance and safety record. From below ground to deep space, Berry has manufactured components used to explore space and machined parts to inspect nuclear power plants.

John Berry, an Army veteran, started Berry Manufacturing in 1987 as a defense contractor for the United States Air Force nearby to its current location.  He believed then what he believed everyday, that hard work and customer satisfaction are key to a long lasting business.  Through those values he grew a business based on integrity, accountability, and quality.  In 2007, Matthew Berry joined the company. 

Together, as a family owned and operated organization, Berry MFG has maintained their position as a premier provider of customized CNC and manually machined parts. 

On January 29 of 2016, the founder and servant of Berry Manufacturing, John Berry, was called home to his heavenly father. This company is in debt to his hard work, brilliant mind and faithful relationship to God. Berry Manufacturing will continue to go on so long as God wants it to. Thank you Dad.